For the 24hrs following waxing, keep the area clean and sweat free. Please avoid any extreme temperatures, no massage, no fake tans, nothing perfumed. You can take a bath or shower when you get home and you can use a regular shower gel; just don’t have the water too hot.


After a couple of days and once the skin has settled down, start to exfoliate the area a few times a week. Use a dry brush when your skin is dry as well as wet and when you step out of the bath/shower and when your skin is still wet, apply either baby oil or pure coconut oil. You will be amazed at the transformation in your skin. Moisturiser is great too.


It is usual to have red spots/reddened skin directly after the treatment but this should fade and disappear within 24hours. If you are concerned about any reactions after your wax and within the 24hours please feel free to call me. If you are really concerned or symptoms have worsened over the 24hours please contact your GP.


If you follow the aftercare and are unlucky enough to get spots or ingrown hairs, apply a product specifically for ingrown hairs or Magnesium Sulphate which will draw the hair to the surface.