I have been trained in standard waxing and advanced waxing for over 8 years and I recently decided I wanted to become the best at what I do and have now been trained by Kim Lawless, dubbed the Queen of wax.

I can honestly say it is one of the best investments I have ever made and I am so excited to use her amazing, quick, flawless technique with an effect that will leave you feeling more feminine and cleansed. I now only use product by Peron Rigot and for all high and extreme Bikini waxing I only use Hot Wax, a far kinder, stronger yet delicate on the skin wax, best suited for this area.

All treatments have pre wax and after wax care, disposable knickers supplied on request.

For ALL bikini waxing a minimum of 4weeks hair growth is required. For all other body areas 2-3weeks growth minimum. All my waxing products are by Peron Rigot which are of the highest quality and extremely sensitive to the skin.


For all bikini waxing I only use a Hot non strip wax sensitive wax by Peron Rigot which is best suited to this delicate sensitive area.


Standard bikini


High bikini (going inside knicker line from top to underneath, thin strip of hair left underneath following in a diagonal line into a triangle shape on top).


Extreme wax, all hair inside your bum and all hair underneath removed completely, following up to either a small strip or triangle on top - shape of your choice.


Extreme wax, all hair inside your bum, all hair underneath and all hear on top completely removed. Leaving you completely hairless, soft and smooth.


Brow Shape - £10 (usually on your first appointment you will require this, I asses the shape you have already, eye shape and face shape taken into account then discuss with you your best shape and begin the process of getting you to your most complimentary shape).

Brow Tidy - £7 (when you have your desired shape and I maintain that for you).

Lip - £6
Chin - £10
Lip and Chin - £12
Neck - £15
Sides of face - £10
Cheek bones - £10
Hair line - £15
Earlobes - £6
Full face – Includes all of the above and brow tidy - £48


Underarm - £10
Forearm (inc hands) - £12
Upperarm - £12
Full Arm - £20
Full arm + Underarm - £30
Small of back - £15
Full back - £30
Nipples - £10
Navel line - £7


All leg waxing includes feet and toes.

Full leg and standard £35
Full leg and Californian £45
Full leg Hollywood/Brazilian £57
Half leg and standard £27 (just above knee)
Half leg and Californian £37 (just above knee)
Half leg and Hollywood/Brazilian £48