I will work to getting your best natural eyebrow shape to complement all your features and face shape. The right eyebrow shape can completely change your look and shape your face.


Eyelash Tint, Brow Tint and Tidy (Package) - £28

Eyebrow tint: £10

Eyebrow tint & tidy: £15

Eyelash tint: £15

Eyelash and Eyebrow combined tint: £22

Eyebrow tidy: £7

Eyebrow shape: £10

Lash Lift: £40 (treatment time 40-60mins)
A patch test is required a minimum of 72hrs prior to treatment. This is a deluxe treatment comprising of a Lift from the root of the natural lashes giving the effect of open, longer and fuller lashes without the need for mascara. If you want to add more drama of course you can wear mascara! A tint of the lashes is also included as well as a nourishing hand massage and super relaxing temple and scalp massage. Treatment lasts from 6-8weeks for the lift.